The py2applet script can be used either to create an application quickly in-place, or to generate a file that does the same.

In normal usage, simply run py2applet with the options you would normally pass to the py2app command, plus the names of any scripts, packages, icons, plist files, or data files that you want to generate the application from.

The first .py file is the main script. The application’s name will be derived from this main script.

The first .icns file, if any, will be used as the application’s icon (equivalent to using the --iconfile option).

Any folder given that contains an will be wholly included as out of the zip file (equivalent to using the --packages option).

Any other file or folder will be included in the Contents/Resources/ directory of the application bundle (equivalent to the --resources option).

If --make-setup is passed as the first option to py2applet, it will generate a file that would do the above if run. This can be used to quickly generate a for a new project, or if you need to tweak a few complex options. The Tutorial demonstrates this functionality.