Note that these dependencies should automatically be satisfied by the installation procedure and do not need to be acquired separately.

setuptools provides enhancements to distutils.
macholib reads and writes the Mach-O object file format. Used by py2app to build a dependency graph of dyld and framework dependencies for your application, and then to copy them into your application and rewrite their load commands to be @executable_path relative. The end result is that your application is going to be completely standalone beyond a default install of Mac OS X. You no longer have to worry about linking all of your dependencies statically, using install_name_tool, etc. It’s all taken care of!
modulegraph is a replacement for the Python standard library modulefinder. Stores the module dependency tree in a graph data structure and allows for advanced filtering and analysis capabilities, such as GraphViz dot output.
altgraph is a fork of Istvan Albert’s graphlib, and it used internally by both macholib and modulegraph. It contains several small feature and performance enhancements over the original graphlib.